The growth process

Early December the young bell pepper plants are planted in the greenhouse. Optimal growing conditions in the greenhouse, allow for the first harvest to be in March. The harvest period runs from March through November. In November, the bell pepper plant will be removed, after which young bell pepper plants are planted in December and the entire growth process will be repeated.

Selected and grown with care
By growing using optimal varieties and under ideal circumstances, we are able to meet the requirements of our buyers. When choosing which varieties to use, we selected by flavor, shape, product quality, shelf life, production and crop.

Maximum organic crop protection
During the cultivation process, the crops are protected against insects. This is done by deploying natural enemies of insects in the greenhouses, effectively creating an organic balance. This organic approach means that the plant and bell pepper are not affected.

Quality system
Plantation De Westhoek meets the requirements of the GlobalGAP system and is holder of the GlobalGAP certificate. GlobalGAP stands for: Global Good Agricultural Practice. This system was established by European supermarket organizations, and contain the conditions imposed on farmers and growers around the world with regard to food safety, sustainability and quality.